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August 2nd, 1997 / Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima

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Peace Message from Nagatsuka Elementary School

To those who were killed in the A-bomb and to many children.

We have learned many things about the war and peace in Hiroshima. We suppose how many people were injured, get angry and felt pain through the war. It is sorrowful that even now there are a lot of people have to suffer from the war in many countries.

The people in Hiroshima have appealed the war will never be repeated, and they informed the elementary school far from Hiroshima of this appeal. This time, many peace lovers sent us peace messages and more than 50,000 paper cranes. We will give this warm-hearted message and cranes to Sadako Sasaki and all the people who were killed in A-bomb.

We believe that your hope will spread in the heart of people around the world as cranes fly in the sky. Thank you very much for your kindness. From now, we promise to make efforts for the peace of the world with people around the world.

PHOTO ALBUM in the Peace Memorial Park

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